Outfits from New York Style: a Japanese Pattern Book

Poor little Rosemary has been woefully neglected. With everything going on, I had managed to neglect making any cute clothes for her. So, the other day I buckled down and made her these lovely spring and summer outfits. I used the patterns from my second favorite Japanese sewing pattern book: NY Style
  I love the simple baby garments this book has, and they were perfect for using up larger scraps of pretty fabrics I had around my sewing room.

Anyway, I got 5 outfits done!

All of the blouses button in the back. I'm sure Terah will be delighted that her daughter has nothing but garments that look best ironed.  Here's a vintage brown cotton scrap top with braid trim, and pink with brown dots bloomers. Tiny pockets with stitched trim on the front.

This is a light green with tiny white pompom trim and a vintage daisy, with green fat quarter bloomers, pockets on the front of these, too.  The pattern didn't actually have short sleeves, only sleeveless and long sleeves, but really...who couldn't manage a short sleeve from the regular sleeve pattern?

The only long sleeve I made: a simple pink broad cloth, with a collar. Pink and brown bloomers.

This is my favorite: a gray vintage broadcloth, in short sleeves with a collar, with a vintage gray/green trim along the hem. Vintage black, white and pink linen print, with one pocket. That pocket is actually on the back of these bloomers.
 This is so cool and comfortable looking for summer! a light blue sleeveless with rick-rack and binding trim, with a vintage blue floral bloomers.

Here they are matched up differently. I like to make things so they can make different outfits...I get bored putting the same two things together each week. I'm sure Rosemary is the same way. 

Since these are sized 6-12 mths, she can use a cardigan and/or tights with these when it's a bit cool (like now, a bit, and maybe later).

Look how beautiful these all look...

I have a few peasant tunics cut out for her as well, so maybe in a couple of days, she'll be totally outfitted for the rest of the summer.


Julia said...

These are the sweetest little outfits; I just love them! So this book has more patterns for wovens?

Mrs. Bianca said...

I love these outfits!! So cute!

Jacki said...

Thanks! Julia,this one is almost all wovens, but the sizes are unusual in a way that I can't recall exactly. Like 6-12 mths, then 2-3 or something like that. When I get both my computer and the book near each other (I've been trying for two days) I'll look at the size chart for you.


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