A Friday Field Trip: Snip-Its, Snider Plaza

We really know how to party! But, when it's haircut time, the best time to go is a weekday morning and we only have one of those free each week, so Snip-Its it is!

Snip-Its is a chain of haircutting places for kids. We started going there because William used to freak out about getting a haircut and we needed the stylist to be able to work on a moving target. We have no reason to go there anymore, and really we need to find someplace cheaper. The boys still love this place, tho.

From the chair. They sell their own brand of haircare products and have a special room you can rent to have a party. I can't imagine my boys thinking that would be fun: they barely tolerate haircuts.

Oh, the suffering.

All done, enjoying his lollipop and playing with cool stuff while he waits for Aldous.

Aldous is not very excited about getting a haircut, and told me beforehand that he wouldn't be 'talking to the lady"

Look at this long hair!

All better! And, he totally talked the lady's ear off. 

Headed back to the car with prizes and lollipops, and freshly cut hair. I wonder what that is drawn with chalk in front of that kids' art studio? hmmmm.

Here's the kids' art studio. They have windows where you can look in and see what they're doing. It looks like a lot of fun in there.

We also passed a window full of sparkly shoes! I have some cute ones I got from Payless a couple years ago...gold glitter peep-toe platforms. They were a little bit cheaper than these. giggle.

So, it was all good until Aldous dropped his lollipop. William, pictured, is horrified on Aldous' behalf, altho Aldous himself is pretty horrified.

He was also so upset he threw his prize.

He sobbed all the way to the car. We had some hugs, and talked about it. He was still very unhappy, even tho William put his prize back together for him. So sad.

William said "take a picture of me! I'm happy!"

Short drive home, but poor Aldous cried the whole way. 

One last pic of Aldous being sad, because here he looks a bit like Kelsey Grammer.

Poor tired Aldous was made better by a bit of lunch, and then a nap. The lollipop incident was not forgotten tho, and was relived many times throughout the afternoon.

On Hillcrest in Snider Plaza in University Park. Parking on the road is iffy but I can usually find a spot easily enough on the interior of Snider Plaza. There are plenty of interesting stores there, as well as cute little places for lunch or cupcakes.

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