Polka-Dotted Blouse, Burda Style 4/2010 #101,102

I've been hankering to make a blouse with a red polka-dotted fabric I had bought at the estate sale at Donny Moda's house. I'd been looking around for a 40's feel blouse for this, and I looked through my Burda Style magazines again and found this pattern. I sort of morphed #s 101 and 102 together, but not in any complicated or difficult way.

You can buy the pattern here!

It has lots of buttons. I've lost some weight since I last adjusted this form, and I had to do some super quick fixing of the size to share this shirt! What a happy surprise!

Bound sleeves: for my sleeve size the instructions called for a 14 1/2 inch piece of bias cut fabric, which I cut, but it turned out that was an inch or so too short, so I just cut a good long length and used it for both sleeves, probably 16 inches each sleeve. So, check your sleeve circumference before you cut your bias strips just in case.

 Pleated sleeves ( I have been in love with pleated sleeves since the Origami Blouse)

The back. Perhaps I should have re-ironed this after spraying it to get rid of the marker....hmmmm

 My pictures are ridiculous as always, but I haven't taken this top off since I took the pics! I love it!

The sleeves are so cool: they're not separate, just one piece for the back, then two pieces making up the front. This is REALLY an easy pattern!
  I don't always love stuff I make for myself right away. Sometimes it has to hang in my closet a while before I like it. :)

I'm in LOVE with this blouse! I can see using this pattern in voile or linen, or maybe a silk to be fancy! I love it! It's a very easy pattern, too.  If you don't count the weeks it took me to choose the pattern, trace the pattern, cut out the fabric, it only took about 5 hours of frequently interrupted sewing (baking bread, washing/drying diapers, feeding/entertaining/diapering/napping a toddler, etc). I recommend trying it: it's a good project for a beginner.


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