Another Estate Sale

So, Donny Moda (goth fashion designer) had an estate sale recently that I happened upon, thanks to my friend Kat. She's been hooking me up to some cool sales lately!!

Anyway, I went to the sale, and holy cow!! It wasn't the most organized sale I'd been to, for sure! Donny seemed to be running it himself, and he's pretty creative, but organization isn't his forte. Still, the prices were good! There were lots of good things, and Donny and I had a great time talking and some of his designer friends happened by while I was there and it was just the four of us there for a couple of hours. It was like a party! I had a great time, and got a hug on my way out.

 A lot of stuff was leftover from his store, I think. Racks of belts, tables full of shoes, many identical pairs, tags on them. (too small for me, tho.)

bins of lighters...lighters?? ha ha.  jewelry, belts...amazing. There was so much stuff.

More decor stuff. The whole house full of stuff was for sale, but it was a lot of work to look at stuff because it was in heaps. Even the outdoor stuff was for sale.
My phone pics are bad. That's Donny talking to his friend.  That's the living room.

From the upstairs. 

In a heap of fabric in one room there was this sign. I nearly died laughing! There was so much stuff...there was a woman's thong underpants and some sort of s & m looking harness in this pile, too, along with a lot of fabric and tiger striped plush curtains. CURTAINS!!

Here's what I bought. I saw a lot that I liked but most was in huge amounts of yardage that I just couldn't deal with.
I bought these cool patches: some I'll use for the boys' stuff but the rest I'll probably sell on etsy. There were too many for me to be able to use them all.

Here's some of the fabric: these are a true red, not the orange-y red like this pic. It was a bit dark when I took this one.

And two more partial bolts: black and silver spandex, and a gray/purple cotton. I'm in love with the purple cotton and it's good color for men's shirts, too. I'm excited!

So, that was my fun day at Donny Moda's! Oh yeah, and he gave me candy. I can't wait to see what cool sale Kat sends me to next!! The last two have been  winners! (winner winner, chicken dinner!)


Fabulous Terrah said...

Jackpot! LOL, how fun

Kat said...

HAWHAW! Winner Winner chicken dinner!

You are too funny!

Conor & I hit estate sale almost every Saturday morning. It's how he gets his "mommy time". Your phone will be blowing up again soon!


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