Twinkle Sews, Origami Blouse. and.....Raglan sleeves.

From the book, Twinkle Sews, by Wenlan Chia

After two weeks, it's done. It didn't take me two weeks of actual work, it's just that last week, as spring break, didn't allow me much sewing time. I probably could have finished within a week of usual sewing time (a couple hours per day)

This pattern totally kicked my ass. It wasn't HARD, just time-consuming with a lot of little steps.

Errors I found (or just wasn't knowledgable enough to understand):
Sleeve pattern piece on the size 12 said "cut 1"...I'm pretty sure this is a mistake.
Also, the "origami" pieces on the outside weren't really the right size, and the patten instructions and piece said "cut 8" when they look to be two peieces sewn together.  I did, at first, think they were just folded in half, but then they were much too small....so I cut 16 and sewed them together.

There were two neck  pieces I never figured out a use for. I thought they "might" go on the places that the pattern called for using packaged bias tape binding, but these weren't cut on the bias, and they were much too long. And the instructions never mentioned them.

The changes I made, for a size 12, 5'8" tall were to make the sleeve elastic 11" (which still is a bit too small), add 2" to the sleeve length, and 4 inches to the length. I probably could have made the sleeves another inch longer.

I used a (I think) silk/cotton blend I got in a trade. It was ivory-ish with a hint of pink, so I used a maroon jersey for the accents.

Here it is!! (forgive all the phone pics, I'm between cameras again)

Modeled, the front

The back, to show the pleats

the "origami"

The side, for no apparent reason

And better pics on the dress form

All in all, although the book is over-the-top hard, I like it because it provides challenges and inspiring ideas for design and embellishment. What I learned from this construction, is that you can take a peasant blouse, pleat the sleeves and the front and back, and sew on some self-fabric embellishment and make a similar look, but much easier!

The pleats are probably most magnificent in a fabric with a lot of body, altho, I can imagine how dreamy a lawn or voile would look with this treatment, as well.

Raglan sleeves are in everywhere and I've really been inspired by all the ways I've seen them used.

This little jacket is by Simply Vera Wang

This cool one is by French Connection.

The raglan sleeve: it's not just for tee-shirts anymore!


Julia said...

Oh dear, "cut 1" on a sleeve-- that cracks me up. Your top turned out really interesting and pretty, although not as avant-garde as it would be with one sleeve. :)

I don't know why, but I just LOVE a raglan sleeve.

Evelyn Dalton said...

wow! I have no idea what the previous comment says, but anyways, love that blouse. it looks hard tho. i don't think i can do that. im impressed tho!!


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