A Monday Recipe: Rainbow Bread!

This isn't even a recipe, but a manipulation of my bread recipe which I've shared before.

William saw some rainbow colored bread on another blog somewhere a few weeks ago and had been BEGGING me ever since to make some.

Aldous thinks it tastes great!

To make it, I divided half of my bread dough and put one load into the greased loaf pan, then divided the other half into 6 pieces. I used the gel colors I had: yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue and green. I kneaded the color into each ball separately, smushed each out flat, stacked them up and then rolled up the stack into a loaf shape. It was VERY slow to rise, and even after 2 hours wasn't risen enough, but I went ahead and baked it. It tasted fine, even though it was more dense than I like. The boys were SO excited.

Here's my original bread recipe. I may try this again but only with two colors, so I can mix it in the bread machine.


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