A top I don't like yet....

Sometimes I make stuff and I don't like it. And, I keep it for a while in my closet, ignoring it, and usually I will like it again. Sometimes it takes a whole year. I don't know HOW LONG this monstrosity will have to be in the closet before I actually wear it.

William was my photographer. PSA: it's much more flattering to your figure to have your photographer at least eye-level with you.

About this thing. It's made from the book, Chic and Simple Sewing, from a poly brocade with light weight woven wool. The puckering on the front is HIDEOUS, altho less apparent when worn.

this fabric is actually really pretty but it was a pain to sew. Originally, I had no black placket. I hadn't used this pattern in ages so I forgot to add a couple of inches to the front facings in order to make a placket. I had left off so much that it didn't even meet in the middle when I put it on. OOPS!

I used a really nice looking wool fabric to make the placket, and made a wide belt. This also needs a large button or brooch to close the top part, but I'm so sick of this thing I don't know if anything will happen.

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