A Pit Crew Shirt, for William

For your amusement today, I offer this Pit Crew Shirt, complete with blue and white name patch, and striped work shirt fabric. I used the Ottobre Design Boys' Shirts Creative Pack. It has a long and short sleeved versions, plus simple and classic sleeve plackets and two collar variations. It's really a great shirt pattern! The smallest size is a 92, tho, so I can't use it for Aldous.

 The red-striped work shirt fabric I got from Fabric Mart in Honolulu last year. I have been planning this style of shirt for a couple of years. The work shirt-blue buttons are vintage, given to me by my sister.

My sister gave me that name tag, too,  back in May when I visited her in NJ. It's an authentic name tag, a bit yellowed with age, and the perfect name for William's shirt!

The patches I got from the estate sale at Donny Moda's a couple of months back, which reminds me that I need to list my extra patches on etsy...hmmm, some one remind me, ok?

Here's the back: a nice neat yoke, and back pleat.

neat top stitching. I love to top stitch!!

My sweet model: William, aka Billy.

Such a goofy model!

Thanks for looking! I think this shirt has pushed me up to 50 points for the Sewing Mamas Stash Game. 
As always, your comments and questions are welcomed and appreciated.


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