My MPB Sew-Along Muslin, so far.

I hadn't said much about it, and to be honest, with William being out of school due to bad weather, and Doug being out of town, I hadn't had much time to work on it. I can whip out a shirt in an evening, if I've got no interruptions but lately it seems that all I've GOT is interruptions Crimeny! Here's the pattern, as a reminder.

The sew-along is the Male Pattern Boldness men's shirt sew-along, and it started February 1st.
So, here's what I've gotten done (not much, not much). Here is my top stitched yoke.

and my CURVED pocket, omg, that pocket template thing is such a good idea! I'm going to have to share that here! I've used it twice. Basically, you make a cardboard template of the pocket w/o the seam allowances (ie. the finished pocket size) then press your pocket piece around it. It works amazingly well! I'm very pleased. Peter, you're a genius.

I serged the edge of the facing to finish it, rather than do a narrow hem for two reasons. 1). this is my muslin. 2). I'm lazy.

Here's the marks on my sleeve. See that dart looking mark? hhhmmm, NOT a dart.

My pile of cuffs and collar.

Crazy (I thought at first) yoke instructions.

 Not so crazy! Look how nice this looks inside! makes me wish I had finished my facings with hems, almost.

And, lovely on top, too. To be honest, it looks the same on top as all my other shirts' yokes, but the inside is very neat.

the dart thing. again.

it's NOT a dart! it's the cro-magnon man's version of the mark for 'slash here' on a sewing pattern. Who knew? (probably everyone but me, that's who!)

So, I had to fish some scraps out of my waste basket to make a strip of binding, for the cave-man slash.

The flat-felled sleeves. Look normal on the outside, except for the too-wide top-stitching...blerg.

 Super nice on the inside, tho! wow, I'm liking this!
 And, here is my cave-man sleeve! bound slash and pleat, all done.
 See the bound slash? totally harmless-looking.
That's it so far! I've sewn together the cuffs and collar and just need to attach them, after I do the side seams. So far, so good! I'm actually liking this fabric a lot more than I thought I would, so I hope it fits Doug well enough to actually wear it. And, I hope I have some buttons I would like to use on it.


Julia said...

This looks so great! I have yet to actually ever flat fell a seam. I haven't checked out the sew-along so maybe the answer is over there, but did you do the flat-felling with a special foot, or just manually?

Jacki said...

I've only done it manually, I didn't know there was a special foot! However, that was my first time to do a sleeve that way and it was different than how I expected. It wasn't hard tho, at all. Check out Peter's instructions on the sleeves.
I did a whole big skirt with a bunch of flat felled together panels and ran elastic cord up them to ruche them, but I did it on the outside rather than the inside of the garment. Anyway, it was cool.


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