My First Lutterloh Pattern: A Shirt for William

Back in December, my friend gave a tip about an estate sale I might like, and Aldous and I checked it out. I bought a 1968 (finally guessing closer) Lutterloh's The Golden Rule for less than $2. I doubt I will EVER top that deal!

I've been obsessing over shirts lately, thanks to Peter over at Male Pattern Boldness. He's going to hosting a sew along starting Feb 1 of men's shirts, and EVERY post lately has been chock full of useful tips! I've learned so much already, and of course, I'm chomping at the bit to get started!! I've already chosen my pattern, see my post about that, but I'm waffling on the fabric.

In any case, my friend Barbara saw a vintage Lutterloh pattern supplements collection on flickr, and that got me interested (again) in my pattern system, so I dragged it out. I hadn't measured my husband, so I used my kid and made him a shirt! (I'm beginning to see how easily influenced I am by my friends....hmmmmm)

Anyhow, after figuring out William's chest measurement in centimeters by looking at the size chart in an Ottobre magazine...I know he wears a 110, but I had no idea what chest...but, the chart saved the day!

So, armed with my 60 cm chest measurement, I get out my book and find a pattern for his age.(he's 4)
I went with number 42. I chose to not make the shoulder epaulets because they're clearly functional for the straps of the shorts suspenders, which I'm not making (You're welcome, William)

Here's the description for #42

Here's all my stuff for drawing the pattern: styrofoam black, special tape measure, and fancy ruler. Oh yes, and a Sharpie.

My printer is 7 million years old, and wouldn't print today, meaning I couldn't scan, then print, the pattern, so I found some tracing paper in William's coloring book.

Here is the key to the pattern markings. I kept this handy while I was tracing because some of the smaller pieces were unidentifiable.

I used some of the boys' art paper from IKEA, and got all set up.

Once I got the drawn, I cut them out leaving a seam allowance.  I did not cut them out with those tiny scissors.

I chose a red stretch pique cotton and a floral scrap I already had for this.

Once I got upstairs (where my crappy Easy Pattern was) I traced a facing from the front pattern piece. I have had ONE stinking roll on order with co-op since November. It's amazing how long it's taking, and had I known how slow this co-op was, I would have ordered two! I would hate to have this wait again anytime soon!

I used the floral for the yoke facing and the under collar, shown here. Isn't that collar unusually shaped?

The front was faced with the red floral, and the floral was used again as the collar/neck seam binding.

The front placket facings.

top stitching.

The finished front.

And, on the hanger. The tiny white spot on the sleeve is just dust and it was SO light it didn't show up in person but did in the picture! Amazing!

William models his shirt. Remember when he used to do the "cheese face" for every picture? Now, his modeling is really dramatic and silly! And he dances. It's like he has a voice in his head saying "Work it, work it!" Of course, Aldous is in the background making the cheese face. I need new models: I can't work with these people.

Oh, yes, and this was pre-buttons, because I had to wait until his dad showed up for his shift so I could sew them on. 

Here he is working it.

I'm not sure what's going on here.

Aside from the style being a little different than today's shirts, I think it was a success! Drawing out the pattern pieces was so easy, I don't know why I hadn't done it before. I really enjoyed it, and it didn't take any more time than it takes to traces a Kwik Sew, Burda, or Ottobre. I can't wait to do another!


Holly said...

Wow, that looks great! I love the contrasting fabric. Such a nice touch.

Julia said...

I am so intrigued by this whole system. I will admit I wasn't really clear on what it was before you found yours at the estate sale, but it is such an interesting concept. I can't wait to see what else you do with it!

Barbara said...

LOVE IT!!! lol. SOOOOO glad I could, ahem, help.

First, I can't BELIEVE you got yours so cheap!! Now I am ashamed of myself and mine's 1969. Lord.

Also, ever since our conversation at SM, I have been poring over mine and I just cant decide what to make! I have post its on the things I want to make -- now it looks like a phone book. :bag:

I'll get it together eventually.




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