More Hexie Caddies and Embroidered Towels

This is a bit more from Santa's workshop this season, yee-haaa!!!

Here are some more of the Hexie Caddies I made with the tutorial on Penny's Hands! I also added some notes, a bit of a tutorial of sorts, of how I translated her instructions, here.


The shortcuts I made up really helped get these done in a timely manner, and I got to watch a lot of tv during the hand-sewing part.

Aren't they pretty?? it was so fun matching all the fabrics up, even though I don't think I made a dent, at all, in my scrap bin.

These are IKEA towels (don't you love IKEA??) with some Sublime Stitching patterns. I was sort of into blue and red thread this year, and I love how classic these designs look with it. The skull at the bottom is one of the towels that came with the Stitch-it kit. I LOVE these designs!! The embroidery also afforded plenty of tv watching as well. I don't get much in while machine sewing, but I've got Netflix to occupy that channel of my brain while I sew.

I once saw Jenny Hart of Sublime Stitching in Austin at the first Austin Maker Faire, but was too starstruck to do anything but giggle from afar. I did go to her booth and buy some patterns, but when she wasn't there. How lame is that???

I love your comments!!


Penny said...

Santa..or his elves have been very busy! Thanks for joining my Hexie Caddy Parade :)

momtofatdogs said...

You pushed me to it. I'll have to make some of these now. they are really cute & I think that they would make perfect door prozes @ one of my quilt guild meetings.




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