William's 4th Birthday, or The Never Ending Parade of Weird Cakes.

So, William's four now. FOUR! No longer a baby, or even a toddler. FOUR!!!

I decided on a "outer space" theme for his family celebration. I found these awesome decorations at the .99 Only store. These are iridescent purple and say "do not microwave" on the package.
Tee hee.

The matching favor bags. William chose the favors himself, so there were some outer space stickers, but also alphabet stickers, train whistles, tiny markers and velvet stickers, and tiny jungle animals. We found a lot of the favors at Party Bazaar, on Lover's Lane. What a fun store that was!! (note to PB: please allow your page to be viewed correctly by Firefox users, thanks)

I made a batch of rice krispies treats, and added a half of a bag of butterscotch morsels to the mix. Then, I melted the rest and drizzled it on top before cutting them up.

I made Applesauce Cupcakes, which are my current favorite. The recipe made 24, which gives me  12 for his preschool class on the next Monday, and 12 for our family celebration.

Matching outer space napkins. There were even two banners and a tablecloth.

We got William a bike for his birthday. He's been pretty good at his Skuut and he's gotten to tall for it, so we moved to a 16" bike.

Waiting for Doug to come in with the surprise.

There were NO non-blurry pics of the bike arrival. William was SO excited!!

Here are the outer space cupcakes, with planets and stars.

The rice krispies treats.

We also had crack chicken and veggies with 4 flavors of hummus.

Oh yeah, and crackers and cheese.

Fancy-looking "memonade".

Doug installed track lighting over this part of the counter, where I usually serve food for a party, so there are an unusual number of pictures of the food this time.

Did I mention there were matching party hats?

Blowing out his candle.

mmmm, cupcakes!!!

William wanted to light the candle and sing again, so we did.

What a delicious cupcake!!

Audrey liked them, too.

Something Terah ate gave her hives.

William really enjoyed his other gifts.

Happy birthday, big guy.

How to make the cupcake decorations.

24oz box of rolled fondant, white
4 colors of gel food coloring. I used green, turquoise, red, and orange.
tiny star-shaped cookie cutter
rolling pin
powdered sugar.

Divide the fondant into four sections and use one gel color per section. I didn't knead it totally in because I wanted it to be sort of swirly.

for 24 cupcakes, roll 6 small balls per color, about a 1/2" in diameter
Using the rolling pin and the powdered sugar, roll out the remaining fondant and cut 6 stars per color.
Take whatever's left from the stars and roll very skinny coils in each color.
Dampen the surface of the balls, then wrap the coils around the balls in a spiral. Set all on a rack to firm up.

Use these to decorate freshly frosted cupcakes. I like to put the frosting on extra thick to make sure they stay put. Since I only make 12 cupcakes at a time, I divided them evenly between the two dozens.


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