A trip to the .99 Only store.

I love this store. It's so crappy. The aisles are crowded, there is so much JUNK in this store...if you ever need inexpensive glassware or plastic storage containers, go here.

The last time I went, I was alone, so I had time to take some pics of the fun stuff I found. Like THIS fun police play set. A billy club? Really?

These cracked me up. I'm considering them for stocking-stuffers. I KNOW my kids would think this was lip balm. 

This is actually a good deal: plain, solid, 100% cotton body suits, in lots of neat colors, but what caught my eye was the brand. D'or. Really? So, how do you say that? Dyor, Dior? Dor? what?

These are the best things, right here. Santa votives! Watch where you're aiming your wick, big guy.
I was struck by a giggling fit during church last night thinking about these Santa candles. I nearly had to leave the sanctuary, but I finally managed to pull it together.

I got this awhile back, but it's still funny to me. How appetizing does this sound?

Some other neat stuff they have are Disney character ziplock bags and paper lunch bags, a ton of Disney character school supplies and novelties, Jezees kids short sleeved blank tees, Yardley soap, and some kind of "gourmet" dryer sheets that just awesome. And, I got all of William's birthday decorations there. Find one near you and tell me what funny/cool things you found!

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