Merry Christmas, 2010

As I type this, Doug has pneumonia, William has a double  ear infection, I have some weird sore-throat thing and Aldous is recovering from Fifth Disease. Happy Holidays!!

Christmas Eve, William left a tiny wrapped toy for Santa Clause, a soda and a cookie. Things were hectic, as I was back and forth to the church, and Terah and Mike and girls came over for some tamales. I left after our dinner to go up to the church, and the boys were in bed fast asleep when I returned.

Santa was very grateful for William's generosity.

The view of the tree, in the dark, from my sewing room upstairs.

The boys were excited about what Santa had brought them. William had asked for a pink vacuum for months. Aldous didn't ask for anything, but he's way into skateboards right now. Of course, he's only two and can't ride a skate board.

William got downstairs, hopped on Aldous' scooter, then noticed the vacuum behind him. Hmmmmm, two good things!

Aldous ran right to the vacuum. 

The decorated tree, with the lights on.

soon after the boys woke up, Terah and Mike arrived, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed! I had a simple breakfast of bacon, eggs, toast and marmalade ready to go. And, coffee, of course.

Audrey thought the rocking horse was darn cool. Emily showed up early, too.
The vacuum was the most popular toy. It does make a sound, but it's not very noisy. It's a quiet sound.

Emily loved her DVD player, but it was so small she didn't know what it was, so we all had a good laugh about that.

Mike got a cool sweater that William and I picked out.

Terah got a whole lot of sewing books.

Audrey got some stuff for her new play kitchen.

Look at the cool clutch Terah made for Emily. Her new DVD player and headphones fit right in it!

William got a Cootie game. He was pretty excited and we've played this several times already.

Terah gave me a surprise gift that made me cry.

See? a nifty netbook case plus MONEY!! what a surprise! I'm using it to fix up my sewing room.

Audrey and the tiny dinosaurs.

Baby Rosemary, sound asleep!

Mike in his new sweater.

Amanda showed up finally, but after Terah and her family had gone. 

Cowboy Aldous riding his rocking horse. This is pretty popular, too.

Amanda and Aldous: Amanda's got her new headband on I made her (tutorial coming soon)

William and Amanda

Emily got William these Tinker Toys, then made him a guitar and microphone out of them.

William is such a rock star!

And, a fun time was had by all. *sigh*

for kicks and giggles, a show put on by William and Aldous, on the dining room table! William's version of "Itsy Bitsy Spider" sung to the pee pee dance, with Aldous on guitar singing a totally different song (and not doing the pee pee dance)

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