Another craft: I-Spy bags!

So, over at Compulsively Creative, I saw a nifty I-Spy bag that Jenn had whipped up. I really liked her tutorial because it had a cutting and supplies list: a woman after my own heart!

So, here are mine. I had varying sizes of fabric, so they're not exactly alike. These are for Aldous and William.

I bought this "hand made" ribbon from a mom in Korea on Sewing Mamas. Isn't it cool? I put this ribbon on everything I make now! I have other colors, too.

I did a double needle stitch: not my coverstitch machine, just double needle on my regular machine.
I filled these with rice and letters and other little things I thought the boys would think are fun, including letters that spell their names. In William's I added a bunch of extra letters so he can spell other words. And, I used rice instead of poly pellets like I had seen in some other tutorials.

I typed up a list of what to look for and attached it to the back of the bag with iron-on vinyl. (I love iron-on vinyl)

Here they both are! I hope the boys love these!! If nothing else, with that ribbon "handle" they can have a grand time whacking each other with them!

Two crafts so far this year! Holy cow!!! Don't forget to whip up some of the cute gnomes for your kids! My boys still play with theirs almost every day.


Jenn said...

thanks for the shout out. your bags turned out darling. I'm sure they will be well used!

Mrs. Bianca said...

These are awesome! Where did you find the clear vinyl? Where did you find the iron-on vinyl?

Jacki said...

@Jenn, you're welcome!
@Bianca, both at JoAnn. I spent about $1.50 on the plain vinyl, but I have a big roll of the iron-on (I have a lot of plans for that stuff) and it was around $12.


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