Dorky pants for Aldous!

We'll be back to the Halloween stuff in a bit, but for right now, here are some pants I made for Aldous. Aldous is the messiest kid I know. He's always sticky and/or stained and he goes through at least two outfits a day, usually three. It's not that his outfits look too untidy to wear them for more than a half of a day, he's usually totally destroyed them beyond "wiping up": they'll be soaked with water or something else, coated in food, drool, playdoh, paint or something he's gotten into that he shouldn't have. Every day. So, he needed more pants than the amount passed down to him from William.

The pattern I chose to use is from the vintage Kwik Sew's Sewing for Toddlers. I like these patterns for my kids because they're very slim. The do include ample diaper room for cloth diapers, but the legs, torso and arms are a much more flattering close fit. I made Aldous the 2T with no changes (rare on most patterns).

I really can't wait to get a camera. Anyone else do this much blogging with a phone camera? It's really sort of embarrassing.
Anyhow, here are the fronts of the pants. A plaid flannel, a dark denim, and a khaki corduroy

And the backs, with the little pockets. I thought the pocket placement looked high when I copied it from the pattern. I serged all around the pockets, ironed then cover stitched (you can double needle here) the top hem. Then I ironed and sewed the pockets on. The serging seems to help the edges of the pockets fold under. I also tacked the top corners of the pockets, to make them more durable.

And here are the plaid, modeled by Aldous. One ****VERY IMPORTANT**** thing to do when sewing simple patterns is to be sure you top-stitch the side seams (I used a coverstitch/double needle), then top-stitch the crotch seam and inside seam (I used single needle here, just because the pants are so small). The top-stitching plays a HUGE part in having your homemade pants NOT look homemade. The top-stitching also improves the durability of your seams. I serge mine, then top-stitch. It would be a shame to use your time, fabric and supplies only to have the garment rip because you didn't take the time to top-stitch.

Action shot! Actually, all the pics of Aldous are action shots because I can never get him to be still.

a blurry butt pic. I think I could do better with a real camera, but what do I know?
*HINT* Instead of doing an elastic casing that can let the elastic shift and twist, sew the two ends of your elastic together, divide into quarters and, right sides together, zig zag or serge the edge of the elastic to the edge of the waist. Then fold down twice (making the casing ). Stitch close to edge of the fold (toward the crotch, not the top waist fold).  This will keep your elastic nice and flat! You can also sew two more lines thru the elastic for a more professional look, making sure to stretch as you sew.

And a still shot! Amazing! The fit of these pants is perfect. I didn't even try them on as I was making them; I just cut out and sewed up! The hem is just long enough to look great with shoes!


Mrs. Bianca said...

Novice sewer question: Do you top stitch on the outside of the seam? Does it make a difference if you use a double or single needle?

Jacki said...

Bianca, on the wrong side of the garment, I press the seam to the back (after trimming and finishing)of the garment. For the crotch seam, I just choose left or right (when there's a zipper, I press toward the side the fly's on, so I can do all the stitching at once).

Anyway, press toward the back. On the right side of the garment, stitch over the pressed back seam allowance, just left or right of the seam (you can feel it there under the fabric) Your top stitch will hold it in the place into which you pressed it.

Single, double or even triple needle top stitching is purely preference. Look at your own store-bought garments to see how they're top stitched to see what you like the look of.

Do your top stitching like you do your seam finishing: as you go. Seam, trim, finish, press, top stitch. You will be so pleased with the results!

Good luck!


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