Alice in Wonderland!, a bit about the Halloween Costumes.

This is not ALL about the costumes this year, because the post would be too long, so I'm going to start with some party pics and the few pics of the Alice dress and Queen of Hearts/Red Queen costume. Tomorrow, I'll talk about the White Rabbit, and then, finally, the Mad Hatter. Perhaps by the time I get to the Mad Hatter costume, the professional pics will be finished!

this is the Alice dress, worn by Audrey. It's a linen peasant dress from the LaLaLa3 Pattern book. I shirred the neck and sleeves with elastic thread, and added white rick rack to the bottom. I wanted to keep it simple so she could wear it more often. The apron is a simple apron made of a crisp stretch poplin.

The is the Queen of Hearts/Red Queen dress I made for Rosemary. I used for the Kwik Sew's Sewing for Baby bodice pattern then made up everything else.  The collar was a lot of fun. I did a rolled hem on all of the edges, then added some vintage white and gold rick rack to the over skirt edge. There is one button in the back.

Terah made the crown, and spray painted tiny black shoes with gold.

William wore his costume to dance class, which I have to admit I thought was a bad idea.  Here are his classmates having a snack while he screws around with his hat while wearing only part of his costume.

Everyone else was lined up to do their Halloween dance routine. William, not wearing his wig, is doing his own routine.

Here is the entire lass with their teacher, Ms. Shirley.

We also got to put the costumes on for William's party on Friday. Here's Aldous in his costume, riding in the stroller. Our neighbor had her garage door open when we walked by, and she was there talking on her phone. As we passed she said "oh, there goes the Easter Bunny! A little girl in a bunny costume just went by"

Aldous had a great time at the party. During story time, while all the children were sitting quietly on the rug, Aldous was driving the trains loudly "vvvvrrooooom, vrroooooo, chugga chugga CHOO CHOO!!"

Aldous rode home from the party in the ergo, on my back. I'm sure that was amusing-looking. Not as funny as this, though.  The Mad Hatter and his nap mat.

My view as I pushed him home.

That's it for now! Stay tuned for even more fun coming up soon!


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