The White Rabbit

This year, Aldous was the white rabbit.  I used leftover sheep's fun-fur from last year, and the same pattern I used for the sheep. I made this with sleeves but it was too bulky under the jacket so I cut them off. It has a zip front.

I cut the sleeves off so that the finished part of the seam was intact. Less scratchy, maybe.

rib-knit cuffs.

hood lined in flannel-backed satin.

The pink part of the ear is appliqued to the front ear piece before the ears are sewn together. This is felt.

The jacket is a version of my favorite shirt pattern for Aldous. I made a 3T to ease the fit over the bunny suit. I made the sleeves 3/4 length so I could add the ruffle and trim.

here's the ruffle! I have a great big spool of this lace, and no matter how much I use, there seems to always be a full spool. It's very stiff and must be for home-decor use. I added a bit of scrap trim to the end of sleeve about the ruffle.
 More neat trim scrap and vintage buttons.

The back. I cut the "coat tails" so they were on either side of the tail.

the tail is a homemade pom pon from white baby yarn. Very fluffy!

Here's my sweet boy modeling his costume!

Telling me about his ears!

Hop, hop, hop

Close-up of the sleeve and pocket.  The pocket was for a pocket watch that I got half-way made.
 See the coat tails around the bunny tail? Perfect!

Fluffy tail! or as Aldous said "fwuffy tay-all"

Next, the Mad Hatter!

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