A nap mat, more school pants, some longies, and a woolly vest!

My friend Jill made this nap mat. This month was stash game, and our school was a bit fuzzy about the nap mat requirement until the 2nd day of school. Of course, stash game was well underway, so I couldn't buy any fabric to MAKE a nap mat. *sigh*
My friend, Jill, had just whipped up her triplets' mats, tho and offered to bail me out!!

I was just going to use a Kindermat in the cover he made, but I decided just to get some thin foam from JoAnn Fabric, and then added the strap. I already had the buckle thing, but I had to get a half yard of that webbing. I sewed the buckle pieces onto each end of the strap, then sewed it to the end of the mat, so it's at William's feet when he's lying down. He was SO proud of his nap mat and carried it all the way to school, and took it right to his teacher! His teacher was appropriately appreciative, too. Isn't it awesome??

I finished up two more pairs of these school pants for William. These are PERFECT compared to my first pair. I used my coverstitch machine for all of the top stitching, and boy does it look great. However, I can't manage to get take good pics of these khaki pants. bleck.

I whipped these up for my friend whose baby is having cold night time legs problems and uses cloth diapers.

I made this for Audrey today. It's white, lamb-textured fun fur , and lined it with some soft flannel-backed satin in a pale pink.

this awesome pink button is from the batch that my sister Bonnie gave me!! It was the only one and was just waiting for something cool like this!

Happy Sewing!


Holly said...

great sewing! Love that little vest.

Jill and Mike said...

ahhh look at that..I'm mentioned on someone else's blog!! ;-)

I do like the idea of a buckle. I might have to sew one of those on the boys' mats.

The vest is adorable!!

Mrs. Bianca said...

I need a vest like that for myself. She is quite the fashionista!


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