William's school clothes

William's preschool requires uniforms for his age group next year, so I'm on a misson! I know you can get uniform components pretty cheaply, but those aren't that special. And, on a skinny kid, they're usually ill-fitting. I hate clothing that doesn't fit!

I've know since early spring that I'd be making uniforms so I've kept my eyes open for fabrics to use that were a good price. I got some white poplin for button-ups at one of Golden D'or's big coupon sales for $1/yd, and I got some khaki twill on Fabric.com for $2/yd. I had some white interlock and ribbing for polos already.

Here's the completed outfit, with the polo. I hadn't made a polo before, so I did that first.

I used the instructions for a polo (rugby shirt) in my vintage Kwik Sew's Sewing for Toddlers. I like this book because the clothes are closer-fitting, and fit my skinny kids better. They don't have a pattern for a polo in the book, but there are instructions for turning the tee into a polo. I checked out their placket instructions, then dismissed them. I was sure there was an easier way. There was. Here.

The only problem with the tutorial is that it was for a specific woman's shirt pattern that was in Burda World of Fashion, so I had to figure out the dimensions to fit a much smaller shirt with KSFT's suggested placket opening. It's not perfect, but now that I know how it goes together the next one will be easier. I think I will make the opening shorter. I suppose you need a long placket for playing rugby , but maybe not for polo?

These pants are an Ottobre Design Magazine pattern, from 5/2006. I use this issue SO much! These are a size 98 but at size 104cm length. 

Here's William's skinny butt. Lots of double needle top-stitching. I installed the zipper adequately following the supplied instructions, but I doubt I'll do it like that again. WAY too many steps! I've done plenty of zippered flies, using Nancy Zieman's instructions, but this was my first time without her. I'll never sew a zipper without you again, Nancy! They won't get hemmed until right before school starts.

One more super model picture. His shoes are the Leo from Vincent. He's so excited to wear those! I can't wait to find a neat belt for him to wear, although, that's probably not practical because we haven't even taught him how to unbutton and unzip his pants yet.

I saw this weird little car when I was out the other day.


Holly said...

Very impressive! He looks great.

Jacki said...

What I forgot to mention, and will go back and add when I'm logged in, is that the total cost for the pants was about $3. I don't charge myself labor, obviously. I got the fabric for $2/yd and used less than a yard, zipper for .50 (golden d'or), button was one from my stash that I had taken off another item I threw away, and of course thread, a bit of interfacing, and some electricity.
The cost for THAT polo shirt was about $2 b/c the interlock was a free scrap,the buttons were free, and I use a tiny bit of ribbing that costs $5 yd. and were actually scraps from another project, plus interfacing, thread, and electricity.

So...maybe $5 for the shirt and pants together. I call that a bargain.

Jacki said...

And, for the 2011/2012 school year, William is in the size 98 pants, with a size 110 length. Ha ha!


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