My recent Family Dollar store bargains! PJs and Swiffer Wet Cloths, and MORE!

I have been finding really good bargains at Family Dollar lately. What helps me find these bargains is that the boys are a bit more manageable at stores now. Thank goodness!!!

For those of you who use my Super Stain Soak, I have found this color-safe bleach, a small box for $1.
I have not tried this particular color-safe bleach, but you know how I feel about my off-brands and generics!!

We use cloth diapers around here, and Terah uses them on Audrey. Most of the diapers we use are homemade, and some are pocket diapers. Pocket diapers have fabric inside and out, with an opening to put a soaker insert. The benefit to these is fast drying times. You can use microfiber, hemp, cotton, prefold diapers, terry cloth, ....any absorbent material works well in the soakers. For a TRIM diaper, microfiber is great. However, it can be expensive. Since I make most of the diapers we use, I don't really want to buy premade inserts. I have found that using microfiber towels is the way to go. You just fold them in thirds, put them in the diaper, and VIOLA! you can use one, two or three towels folded together depending on your needs. And because these are folded up to get their thickness rather than sewn together, they're easy to get clean and fast to dry.

These are what I have as diaper inserts: the $5 for 12 microfiber towels from family dollar. These can be of unusual sizes or maybe "seconds"  because of stitching, but who cares? they'll just get pooped on!

If you want to get really fancy, you can get the $5/5 towels. Pretty colors!

Last year I discovered that Family Dollar had boys cotton pjs in cute-ish prints for between $4-6, depending on sizes. I bought three pair for William last year, because they were cheaper to buy than to make. This year Aldous will be wearing those, and I picked up these for William. I had to go to two stores, but I did it on different weeks, so I wasn't just running from store to store.

these have guitars and dinosaurs

And these, from my second trip, have race cars.

My Swiffer wet-cloth experiment.

I bought a new improved Swiffer a couple of months ago, and it came with a package of the wet cloths. I really liked these for quick cleanups of sticky spots left behind by Aldous. When I ran out of the package of Swiffer brand, I picked up some of the Family Dollar brand, a package of 12ct for $3. I bought another Swiffer the other day, just for upstairs use (I'm hooked!!) and it came with ONE sample wet cloth, that I used for comparison pics. It was all alone in it's package so it was a little more wet than ones I had tried before in a larger package.

Swiffer brand. has a green scrubby part that I've found totally useless. it doesn't scrub up anything. Barely quilted, and kind of thin.

 Family Dollar brand. Much thicker, and that extensive quilting on the pad part really works better than the scrubby part on the Swiffer brand. I am a happy Family Dollar shopper. Again, these are $3 for 12.

some other recent family dollar purchases:

2pk of 48oz Magic Power (generic Mr. Clean) cleaning solution, for mopping, $3 (a TWO PACK!!!)
lavender baby shampoo/wash 15oz, $1.50
pro-vitamin shampoo and conditioner, 13.5oz, $1.75
16oz witch hazel , $1.75
Original Pepsodent 6oz (I LOVE this toothpaste!!) $1
Cinnamon Graham crackers, $1.30 (they're $1.25 at Aldi)

Happy shopping!!

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