A surprise for Doug!!

I feel confident posting this because he NEVER reads my blog....so the shirt will still be a surprise when he gets home on Wednesday.

this is Kwik Sew 3422. I *just* got this  pattern from Fabric.com when they had the Kwik Sew patterns as their Daily Deal.  I used shell buttons on the front. From pattern tracing to finish, photography and posting in the SAME DAY! This is a great pattern and goes together VERY easily.

the front pocket!! I love this pocket! I got another shirt pattern for Doug from Burda that has the most horridly boring pocket, and I think I'll use this one on that shirt, too.

Lots of top-stitching. Terah returned my blind hem (aka: top-stitching) foot today!

The back yoke and back of collar, also top-stitched.

A close-up of the fabric. This is a linen blend I got for $2.50/yd from Jo-Ann's clearance rack. It's SO pretty: a nice light ivory.

Thanks for looking! I've got a super-duper vintage pattern post coming up soon!


momtofatdogs said...

Ugh! You have done it again! I'll have to add that pattern to my wish list. My husband REALLY needs some shirts. That looks really nice & very professional


ddawsonb said...

Thank you Kitten! You are awesome!
Doug (the husband who never reads Jacki's blogs). ;-)

Evelyn Dalton said...

oops Doug was NOT suppose to see that!! oh well... it is awesome! I love the top stitching. I love doing top stitching! Weird, huh? You again did an outstanding job!! You rock!


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