DMA and our Copper Garden Trellis

First, the trellis. I came back from NJ (still haven't finished blogging about THAT trip) and my tomatoes had had a massive growth spurt. So, because we share a courtyard with the other townhouse tenants, we needed to find a support for them that didn't look so utilitarian as a tomato cage would.

We found these plans on Family Handyman . It has the plans and the supplies list. We initially thought we would make it just like the one they made, but after pricing the copper tubing, we realized it would cost over $100 to make, and thus as much as if I were to purchase one.
Doug scaled it down 25% and it ended up costing a bit over $60, I think. Well, before I put the "finials" on it.
Here's Doug working away, while a naked William races around and around on his bike.

 Here's the masterpiece in place. Everything has grown so much already, just since this picture!

 The finials are glass doorknobs I got from an architectural salvage place, then glued them on with silicone glue. Doug has since put caps on the open ends of the tubing below the smaller knobs.

 This looks so great and I'm proud of Doug for building this!! it's even more beautiful now that tomato is growing so happily on it.

Tuesday at the Dallas Museum of Art.

The first Tuesday of every month is free at the DMA and we try to go regularly, since they have programs just for kids, and the boys love looking at the art works. Additionally, it's air-conditioned, so it's a great place to go when it's hot outside!!

Terah joined us this last Tuesday, and brought Audrey along. We met up at the West Village Starbucks to ride the McKinney Avenue Trolley. The boys and I just walked up from our house, but Terah drove in from Plano and parked in garage.

William waiting for the trolley. I don't let him out of the stroller until it rounds the corner.

Terah, Audrey and William.

The craft at the museum was to make your friends. Here's the gang working on their project.

Audrey and William using scissors. Neither of them know what they're doing.

Aldous wanted ALL of the scissors.

You can see William's craft here. He said his friends are Collin, Luke and Molly. I don't know which is which, tho.

Next we headed to the larger play area, where the attraction for the Neanderthalic kids is stacking up, and then knocking down, empty boxes.

William and a kid he met there were making really tall towers and then knocking them down very forcefully.

Aldous and Audrey take refuge at the reading table. William and his red-shirted friend are very busy in the background.

I confined these boys to the corner with their box stacking and destroying project, for the safety of others.

William tries his hand at coloring for a while.

After we ate our lunches, we headed outside to the sculpture garden, where William spent a lot of time checking out the water features.

We headed to the trolley, and then home. Fun day at the DMA!!


Little Messy Missy said...

Wow that trellis is awesome... he could sell them!!

Jacki said...

I thought that, too, until I saw how long it took him to make it. ;)
He's very careful and meticulous with his crafts. :giggle


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