Valentine's Day Fun, 2010

Doug got the boys up and dressed and downstairs, and I got to sleep until 9 ! It was pretty awesome!! I slept so hard I woke up once with my arm asleep and a crick in my neck, so I repositioned and went back to sleep. By the time I came down, the boys were all having a grand time!! In fact, Doug and William were both geared up for a trip to the moon, in the rocket! or space ship! or "tunt"! or whatever William is calling it today.

Dressing for space travel means eye glasses, DJ Lance Rock glasses, homemade pj pants, ski socks and man clogs.

Pants for the under-5 crowd are optional. I edited this pic for modesty. tee hee

Getting ready for blast-off!

Zero gravity makes your bare butt go into the atmosphere!

Controlling the space craft is serious business.

Later, after naps and fire building, we cooked a yummy dinner!!! Doug grilled steaks outside, and we made mashed potatoes and asparagus and some other stuff. 

William insisted on sitting at the table, although the food wasn't ready yet. He was HUNGRY!!

Aldous was ready, too. That's his store-bought red tee I bought to decorate for V-day, but didn't get around to it. Truly, I lack motivation for such things.

Here's William's. I hunted and hunted for one for Aldous, but had no luck.

William having a Valentine's day muffin and a candy!


The candles, for our candle-lit dinner! William kept hovering over them and trying to blow them out. Doug assembled our cards and the books we got the boys into this tray with candy. Cute!!

The boys and I in front of the fire place, after dinner. I'm wearing my homemade top and jeans. What sweet boys, and what a great day!

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