Snow Day!! Valentine's Day, 2010

William was excited to play in the snow!!! We read "A Snowy Day" nearly every day, so he talks about making a snow man and a snow angel. He's not ever played in the snow, tho.

Aldous wasn't impressed. I ended up carrying him the whole time we were out.

I made the bottom snowball, but I didn't have gloves or mittens and my hands got too cold to make any more. William added some on, tho.

William and I tossed some snowballs back and forth, and William thought Aldous would like to join in the fun. However, Aldous had his back toward the snowball. Oops!

We went across the street to the park for some more snow fun! It was pretty undisturbed and William had to walk slowly because it was a little deep for him (all 5 inches of it)

Aldous was pretty darn happy when we got to the sidewalk!

William carried this "snowball"  about two blocks to put in the freezer.

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