Mittens, Apple Jellies, and Silly Boys

Simple mittens: two layers of fleece with ribbing wrist bands. One pair for William, and one pair for my sister's mother-in-law.

Apple Jellies. I followed the recipe/instructions on this blog, but HOLY COW!!! I thought these would never get done! I started them the same day that I made the Gummis, but these took forever! I even had to put them in the oven for hours. But, finally, they're done. Aldous and I like them. William said he can't like them, but he also said that about his oatmeal this morning.

FYI: I used a setting on my camera called "food" to take this pic. Amazing!

The boys have been especially silly lately, and I've gotten a few cute and funny shots of William since he's always without pants these days.
Aldous likes his new baby and loves to feed it!!! Check out the "feeding face" he's making!! Take a bite, baby!

William treats us to a pants-less spin on his Bilibo

Aldous thinks William's neglected potty chair pieces make great hats!! He'll wear anything as a hat, tho. This is his sexy face.

No to be out-cuted by Aldous, William puts a plate on his head, and makes a sexy face.

Aldous playing peek-a-boo in the rocket tent

Naked computing. :)

Another round of potty-hat, this time with a green whisk accessory.

Again, the sexy face.

And then, after taking the boys up for their naps, I found this mysterious arrangement of items in the front room. Like crop circles, they just appeared in this formation with no explanation. Spooky!!!! (or as William says, "FOOky!"


Dina said...

cool about the FOOD setting - they look good!

those boys are silly and oh so beautiful!!

FabulousTerrah said...

Haha! These pictures put a smile on my face. The one at the computer.. classic. And those eyelashes... just precious.


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