Gummis and Weekend Sewing.

Craft shared a link a couple of days ago, maybe a week ago, to a How-To on making your own gummis!!! How awesome!!

My friend from Germany said they pronounce them "Goo mees" not "Gum mees". Interesting!

Here's the link
We made these yesterday and they were gone in a flash! Remember, you can click on the picture to see a larger version.

I used the tray from William's Advent calendar, and a Halloween candy mold. The gummi solution was mostly used up in the Advent calendar, but we had enough left over for three large skulls and a haunted house. I tried to save some for Doug, but William snuck up onto the counter and finished them off while I was upstairs wrangling a diaper onto Aldous.

I made a cute top from Heather Ross' Weekend Sewing. This is the Summer Blouse. I like it, except it's too big, and too short. According to their chart and my measurements, I made a large, but it's too big across the shoulders and is uncomfortable when I lift my arms. Also, it's too short. She suggests in the book hemming to hip bone level, but as I only cut the shirt 1" longer than the pattern, my only option was binding the hem. Even so, it's still a good 2" inches short to be hipbone level. I'm 5'8", so I'm not SO tall that this would be an expected issue. Also, the sleeves are too long, but only just.

My placket. I finished with an overcast. I used tiny ribbon for the button loop, and used a vintage button for the ton of buttons my sister gave me several months back.

My bound hem.

Another shot of the whole top. On the whole, I like it, but will make a medium next time, and add 5" to HR's pattern, so I have room to hem. Although, that binding looks pretty awesome.

What's cool about this top is that it matches the nifty cords I made from BurdaStyle a couple weeks ago.

Off to more sewing!!!


meshell said...

So excited to try this! I happened across some advent calendars for 90% off at the store yesterday, although sadly the shapes aren't very excited.

Jacki said...

well, maybe your shapes will get worked up when you pour molten gelatin on them. :)

Mine were sugar free, b/c that's the only kind of gelatin I had, but I bought some with sugar in it today. It's pretty cheap!


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