Two ways to help Haitian earthquake survivors.

Most everyone has heard about the tragic earthquake in Haiti. The U.N. suggests that 3.5 million people are affected, but they have only been able to reach around 4,000.

I found this info yesterday on the UUSC website:

"Most people in the capital spent the night outdoors, without shelter, or joined those frantically digging in the rubble to rescue the tens of thousands trapped underneath it. The situation is chaotic, communications systems are down, and debris impedes movement around the city. Nonetheless, the U.N. estimates that 2.2 million people are affected and fears that the loss of life may reach into the tens of thousands. The destruction is widespread, with extensive damage to homes, hospitals, roads, water and sanitation services, and electrical and communication systems. Major news outlets are all reporting severe devastation. An alarming number of buildings, including the National Palace and the United Nation’s Headquarters, have collapsed."

And another quotation from an article today:

"Our experience has taught us time and again that in every disaster, groups of people are at particular risk of being overlooked or left behind in traditional aid programs. The best way of identifying and reaching these groups is through partnering with grassroots organizations working in the country itself. Because UUSC is a justice organization, this is our particular focus in any crisis. Efforts of agile, focused aid agencies like UUSC complement the efforts of large emergency response organizations that bring in massive aid programs. "

Many people have wondered what they can do, and here are two ways to help!

The Unitarian Universalist Service Committee is accepting donations to provide assistance to people in Haiti. Here is their statement from their website about how the funds will be used:

"UUSC’s disaster response in Haiti will focus on those survivors less likely to have access to aid, such as child domestic workers (restaviks), women-headed households that work in the informal sector, and people living with HIV/AIDS."
"$0.92 of every dollar you donate to support relief and recovery efforts on the ground."

FAQ about UUSC Disaster Response

UUSC/UUA Joint Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund Donation Form

Also, my friend put together a website to raffle off some donated items to raise money to help out those people devastated by the earthquake in Haiti.

DFW for Haiti
The funds raised here will go to Save the Children.

The pictures the news agencies are showing are nothing short of tragic.

If you can help out in anyway, please do, and please consider participating in Karri's fund raising efforts or donating to the UUSC/UUA Joint Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund

Thanks in advance!

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