Got Bread-baking woes??

While searching out some solutions for my friend's bread-baking issues, I found this web site. It's pretty rudimentary; nothing fancy about it. Just the facts, ma'am. But, BOY HOWDY, is it EVER a wealth of information!!!! I love it!!

There's a whole list of terms and definitions, a HUGE troubleshooting page each for handmade bread, bread machine bread, and sourdough bread!

You name it, it's here.

All of your bread-baking problems are a thing of the past.


Also, check out my favorite, everyday bread, for bread machine, first posted TWO YEARS ago, today. Happy Anniversary, my bread!!


FabulousTerrah said...

Mmmm mmm, wishing I had a bread machine right about now...

Jacki said...

Terrah, here's a no-machine recipe for ya!


This recipe is fast and easy!! to make dinner rolls, grease a 12-hole muffin tin, and cut the dough into 24 pieces. Put two pieces per hole and continue w/ the recipe.

I use it every time I want dinner rolls! I start them first, then make dinner and by the time dinner is done, so are the rolls!


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