Seat Covers!!!! (aka, diapers and trainers)

We're potty training William this week, WHOOP!!!! Anyway, the day after Christmas I got busy making some training pants.

I used knit scraps for the body, with a layer of PUL, one layer of Zorb and one layer of terry.
I made both sides snap, to make it easier to change poop accidents. Poop accidents can be pretty horrific in pull-down training pants!! YUCK!!! I get my PUL and Zorb from Wazoodle. They're in Canada and take forever to ship, but I like their prices and selection.

The horses fabric I got in a scrap box, the airplanes are left over from his jacket, and the puppies are some Guess fabric.

These are Painting Red Rhinos knit trains fabric.

And dinosaur fabric from JoAnn.

The scraps of Zorb from the trainers was just the right size for the codpiece on boxer briefs. I wanted these to have an absorbant layer for training, too, but I figured it would be a while before we were accident-free. I made Doug a pair to match William's too.
These were done with the Jalie 2327 Men's Underwear Pattern. It has size from 2T to up to GIGANTOR, so I'll probably get lots of use from it.

Most of the boxer briefs were made from my maternity shirts that were just too hideous to donate. I've been desperately broke before and that didn't make me like ugly shirts any more than I do now, so I just put them out of their misery.

Since everyone was getting new bottoms, I also rescued Terah from her daily diaper laundry by whipping up some more pocket diapers. These are PUL on the outside with costume Alova inside. I get the Alova from JoAnn when it's on clearance, and it's SO MUCH nicer than the microfleece or whatever the stuff is on commercial pocket diapers. This stays SO soft and smooth, it's unbeleivable. Solid waste won't stick to it, it doesn't stain. It's incredible!!!

The pink diapers have dalmatian spots Alova.

Both the purple and the green just have white, a precious commodity!!

Terah requested hook and loops closures, rather than snap, because she was having fit issues with Audrey's generous bottom. tee hee. I have the same issues, actually. Perhaps I, too, need velcro pants.

That's all!!


meshell said...

Those are awesome! Maybe I should commission some training pants for E, although I suspect she'll be 7 before she poops in the potty. *sigh*

Melanie said...

Those are really cute! I should do something like that for Emerson.

momtofatdogs said...

I have that pattern ! I'll have to wait a few years (maybe not plural) to use it though!


emaroo said...

oh, Jackie!! I LOVE those training pants! I could not find training pants that I liked to save my LIFE when Jack was PT'ing. PLEASE promise that when Colin is of PT'ing age that I can commission some for him!! PU-LEEEESE????

Astreia said...

Question: Is the pattern easy to adapt for smaller sizes? Selah still wears a 12 month and it says it starts at 18 months.

Is it easy for a somewhat beginner?

Jacki said...

I think its easy enough for a beginner, but it has a lot of pieces and options so it DOES require patience. Will you msg me on FB to remind me to check the sizing measurements on the pattern? I'm at the park and don't trust my memory!


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