I made a cape!! aka Happy Birthday, Vincent!!

I had hoped to share all the costumes I had made in October, but after waiting for an eternity for the pics to get back to me, I've decided to move on. MAYBE I'll have some to share soon!!

My friend's little boy had his 5th birthday this year, and I decided to make him a cape!! I had actually wanted to make him one last year, but was busy with brand new baby Aldous and didn't have as much time as I would have liked. boo!

Anyway, I made one this year. Not surprisingly, I had all these fabrics and materials in my stash and needed only to purchase the iridescent rick racks.

This cape is from Ottobre issue 4/2004. It's out of red velvet, and has a dragon and castle wall cotton lining. The applique is done using the method I describe HERE with cotton knit, and the pattern is the Ottobre magazine. They suggest a different technique, but I prefer my own.

Close up of the applique

lining fabric

The birthday party was a blast!!! Christene served a cupcake cake with the best frosting EVER!!!! They were so good!!! Vincent is a Spiderman fan.

Vincent's REALLY excited!!

Something is making Ava have a frowny face.

The boys have cupcakes, too!!

Kat and Trevor, Doug and Aldous!

Vincent got some AWESOME gifts. This is the guitar from Laura, I think. Kat is bored with all of this, tho, it seems.

William amused himself by dragging Ava around by a giant snake.

ooooh, oooh...opening my gift!! I hope he likes it!!!

He does!! Look how cute that is!!! Adorable!!

Vincent and William enjoy the shredded paper.

MORE presents!! Art supplies, HURRAY!!!

William, looking for a target for his Bois D'arc fruit (or horse apples, according to Kevin)

William and Vincent playing King of the Hill. Two seconds later William jumped off and Dina nearly tackled me trying to "save" him. It was very sweet of her!

Sound the trumpet!! I am the BIRTHDAY BOY!!!!

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Dina said...

thank you for ackowledging my heroic efforts! ;)

that cape totally rocked!!


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