Bad eBay Seller: nikfine

DO NOT PURCHASE anything from this seller. I don't know how this seller got the feedback he/she did, but they are fraudulent.

I purchased a pair of shoes (I thought) on THIS sale, which clearly shows, in THREE pictures, a white shoe with a buckle. I purchased these because I needed a buckle shoe specifically.

What arrived instead were these:

I'm so unhappy with these shoes. First off, when these arrived, and Doug handed me the package, a HUGE cloud of cigarette smoke came with it!! I had NO idea what could be in there, and then I saw the label, and was excited to get Aldous' shoes. NOPE!!!

Instead were these hideous Easter-parade-gone-wrong lace-up shoes, and yes, the laces are as yellowed in real life as they are in the picture.

These shoes are SO cheap!! They are those thin plastic-y shoes you pay $5 at Payless of something from a hang-rack. The soles are impossible: they're thin hard slippery plastic! They are obviously cheap shoes. And they were $15 plus shipping!! ACK!! So $20-ish.

I notify the seller immediately, saying I want the proper shoe shipped priority to so I would have for Saturday, and the only offer I get is for me to return the shoe and get a refund. She/He flat our refused to ship me the proper shoe!!! I doubt they even HAVE these shoes, and I reported them to eBay.

In the meantime, I can either return these for a full refund, or use them. The idea of taking both boys around shopping for shoes appalls me, which is why I bought from eBay in the first place. UGGG!!!

FWIW, when I sell stuff, if I send the wrong thing, I send the proper one as soon as I know, whether you've returned the original item or not. I would prefer to lose money than to get bad feedback and lose a future costumer. But I guess that's just me, and I'm not trying to rip people off.

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