Plano Balloon Festival

Fun times at the Plano Balloon Festival last night!!

We got there at 6ish to watch the balloons fly. This is what they looked like as they were getting ready. It was pretty cool to watch!!

William was excited to be there!

Here some of the balloons are setting off.

There was a huge crowd and I think I read they were expecting 95,000 visitors. I think they meant over the course of the festival (three days), not just Saturday night.

This is a jack-in-the-box.

The boys

Part of the festival. I didn't venture into that pit.

The beautiful sky, with most of the balloons flying.

William dancing around on the grassy/muddy hill.

Doug and William are heading out to forage for food.

Another view of the balloons and the crowd.

Terah, Mike, and Audrey

OOOh, Daddy's back with corny dogs for the boys, water for me!

Aldous enjoys his first corny dog.

REALLY, REALLY enjoys it!! (he at all of his, then the "naked" hot dog William picked bare of cornbread)

William claims to like corn dogs, too but really he just likes the cornbread.

Terah and Audrey

A band started playing some 70's r&b tunes, and Aldous was super excited!!!

Getting darker!!!

Doug and William.

Playing on the hill.

Audrey playing with "her" phone.

Aldous waiting for the fun stuff to start.

OOh, a bit of fire!!!

Hurray!! Finally!! How pretty! William and Aldous loved this and William clapped.

Eating a bit of funnel cake. We had to wait in a long, long line to get that cake!

Doug watching the balloons.

The "twinkle" glow...they glow on and off, on and off.

Audrey rolling around.

William polished off a bottle of water, and then it was time to go.

Actually, I wanted to stay for the fireworks, but William requested to go home, brought me my shoes and said "shoes on, please". So we headed home! Aldous was sound asleep before we got to the car.


Jonna said...

we were there, too! Weather was perfect!!!

Sarah said...

How cool. I had no idea that this was going on! Love the shot of Aldous popping out of his stroller in reaction to the 70's grooves.

Helen said...

How fun! I haven't been in years, I don't remember so many ppl being there - ick.


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