Surprise in the mail!!!

I figured the box the mail carrier was giving me was for Aldous, because today's his first birthday, but NOPE!!!! It was for me!! My sister Bonnie sent me this awesome vintage purse, and it's darn cool.

and even BETTER, inside she had put all these AWESOME BUTTONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The tiny thimble says "for a good girl" on it. <3

Close up of the buttons.

Thank you so much Bonnie!! What a great surprise!!! I love these and will probably use tons of them!! I put old buttons on my handmade clothes all the time, and I think that makes them even more unique and special. Thanks for such a thoughtful gift!!


Goosegirl said...

OOOOH!! I LOVE it! You have an awesome sister!!! What a lucky girl you are!!

meshell said...



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