Fort Worth Forest Park Miniature Railroad, and How I Trace My Patterns.

A couple of weeks ago, Doug and I loaded up the kids and went to ride the rails at Forest Park Miniature Railroad, in Fort Worth. I used to take the girls when they were little if we visited Fort Worth, but this was Doug and the boys' first ride. All of the train ride pics were taken with my phone.

Doug, filled with excitement!!

Two pics of the boys and I.

The ride is about 5 miles and takes about 40 minutes. It crosses over some really high bridges and through/past a bunch of pretty interesting places!

The REAL train going over head: some cargo train.

Another view of the cargo train, and some people fishing. The little girl was so cute! She waved when passed, both times! The second time, though, she was so excited she dropped her minnow.

The train passes through some really nice shady areas.

The day were were there, the Dallas Low Riders Association was having a big show. They were just setting up and getting started as we passed, but we saw a lot of pretty neat cars. There were even more driving in as we were leaving!

Halfway through the ride, the train stops for a break and you can get out and buy a soda and popcorn. William, Aldous and I waited while Doug went for a soda and treat.

I asked William to go stand by the train, but he was a little afraid of it, so he sat down and wouldn't turn his back to it. Silly boy!!

Our stopping depot. You can actually catch the train here, too.

Aldous enjoying a big drink of water!!

And William scarfing down my soda.

That's all! We had a great time and the boys were worn out by the time we got home. Makes for good napping!

How I trace my patterns.
Pattern tracing paper/fabric. I use pattern-ease or easy pattern usually but they were out and I had to get this kind with the uber-annoying grid lines on it. bleh.

I use a lot of Ottobre patterns, from the design magazine. They LOOK crazy hard to figure out and trace, but after you've done a couple it's not that hard.

I like my pattern paper/fabric to be thin enough to see easily though, although this gridded one is a BIT thinner than I prefer.

Because I use a lot of sizes and have a lot of patterns traced, I put a lot of info on each piece. When ever I clean up after a mad sewing frenzy, I always have random pattern pieces lying about and all the details make it easy to get it put back where it belongs.

Name of garment piece and #
Name of garment and number
Issue of magazine
# of pieces to cut
seam allowance and fold instructions.

These are kept in manila envelopes with the magazine, with all the sizes and garments in the same envelope. As I get more traced, as my children grow, I will make an envelope for EACH size. I have already done that with my Kwik Sew for Toddlers, Kwik Sew for Babies and Kwik Sew for Children books.


Helen said...

I didn't even know about that train. Thank you - we're so going now!

Amy said...

Thanks for sharing! I didn't know about it either? But then again... I'm a transplant in the area and I'm learning so much just from your blog! LOL

We have a train just like this one at the zoo in my hometown - it was a lot of fun when I was a kid.


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