On Sunday, We Went to the Dallas Zoo

It's starting to cool off a bit around here, so on Sunday we headed to the Dallas Zoo. We have a membership, so we go a lot. The DART station is less than a mile away, so we walk over and catch the train to Zoo Station, which stops right at the zoo entrance. Pretty handy!!

Doug and Aldous!!

William!! We got one of the trains that didn't have the platform level cars, so we had to take William out of the stroller, and fold up the stroller. William was ok with that, though.

There was poetry in my car!!

Dallas Morning News

As SOON as we got there, William asked for a "Fack" (snack, for the un-initiated) so we had lunch first. William had a corny dog, chips and tea.

Aldous and I shared some chicken.

Doug and William shared a kiss *SMOOCH*

Time to see the animals!! William gets to ride in the Ergo, this time!! He can see much better here, doesn't get over tired, and, really, likes being so close to Dad.

First stop, the giraffe!!!

The elephants. The new elephant is now in the same pen with the old one.

Aldous gets excited every time we see the elephants!

This is a pretty big tortoise. Some boys were feeding it grass and weeds.

The rhino

Aldous was napping by the time we got to the rhino, or he would have been a bit more excited.

What in the hell is this thing??? It has zoo personnel driving zoo patrons around!! I've never seen this before and I wonder why I can't ride it, too??

Sleeping cheetahs.

Another rhino. There are two, different kinds I suppose.

I don't know what this is called, but there was a baby one and they were taking a shower.
UPDATE: According to Nicole, these are bongos. :)

Is your mama a llama, I asked my friend Dave. No, she is not, is the answer Dave gave.

Uggg, again with these things!!! Why am I walking????

The penguins!!! William loves these!

Look, penguin lovers. *sigh* How sweet!!

The gorilla!! There are four, I think, but this is the only one I could see. Their habitat is really big.


Doug, William and Aldous in the wilds of Africa

On the way out, a carousel ride! This is Aldous' first ride, I think.

Doug put him down to adjust the ergo for the trip home and Aldous took off!!

Waiting for train home, at Zoo Station

It was a pretty good trip. :)


Amy said...

Now you've sparked my interest in going to the Dallas Zoo and riding the Dart!LOL

We live 30 miles SE of Downtown and we've never been to the zoo or taken a trip on the Dart - I think we will definitely have to do that this fall - when it cools down a bit more!

Nicole said...

FYI, I think the striped showering animals are bongos. :)

Jacki said...

Indeed, Nicole, they ARE bongos. I remember that now!


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