A Day to Play (but first a mini rant)

A funny, to me anyway. I saw this today, and it made me laugh.
"I'll keep my guns my religion and my money, you can keep the change."
Apparently, the punctuation is up for grabs, as well. I wonder, too, whose religion is in danger of being lost...I guess with all the talk of the health care system's upheaval, I missed that gem of a news item.

Today I took the boys to the playground at Scottish Rite Children's Hospital. It's pretty close to us, shady, and has no wood chips or other stuff for William to throw. His getting in trouble pretty much leads to a terrible time had by all, so we like to avoid those situations.

While I got Aldous ready to go, William fixed himself a snack. ONE bite out of every strawberry. SIGH. Guess what William's having for snack TOMORROW?? That's right, the REST of the strawberries.

He loved this train. He pulled a plastic chair in there so he could sit to drive.

William had a blast running around, then found the water fountain!! What fun!! And he was surprised and pleased to find he's finally coordinated enough to push the button AND get a drink!

Look at that red face!!!

Both boys were worn out (Aldous tired himself watching from the stroller in the shade)
Here's baby Aldous, snuggling his Puppy Puppy.

Fun times!!!

Coming soon: applique tee instructions and templates, and Sewing Mamas Stash Game pics!!


Dina said...

such beautiful boys!! we need to go to the playground soon - looks like fun!

Helen said...

I ♥ that last pic of Aldous!


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