More Fabric, a rave on Uberstitch, and How I Carry My Embroidery Projects

My title is TOTALLY backwards, or at least, out of order. First up is How I Carry My Embroidery.
I had three different friends give me little bags for my birthday. It's like they teamed up, except they didn't. Anyway, I put them all together to use for my embroidery projects. Most of them are small and I carry them with me to work on where I might be waiting, or riding in the care, etc.

Please notice my awesome phone, the G1 in the upper right of the photo below. This phone is great because it has a REAL keyboard as well as a touch keyboard, still and video cameras, GPS, bar code scanner, all of Google stuff including maps, directions, tasks, calendar, email, chat, all of that. It is the BEST phone I've ever had and I absolutely love it.

Commercial break over. Below are the small canvas bag, the green zippered pouch, and the pretty hand made zippered pouch with nursery rhyme toile lining!! (by my friend Sarah, of Maison Boheme

Inside this Maison Boheme pouch is all of my embroidery thread, and a needle.

In the zippered green owl and bird pouch, I have my scissors, pencils, sharper, and eraser!

I put this all in my canvas bag, add a hoop and my project, and VOILA!! Embroidery to go!!

I got a JoAnn gift card for my birthday, THANKS TERAH!!! and I found more OWLS!!! (and I just saw some owl fleece today while I was out, but it wasn't on sale. Please send bad sale vibes for that bolt until I can buy some.)

I found this woven, and this flannel. Cutey-patootie!!

I found this turquoise bandanna print and this floral lightweight, loosely woven cotton!! Boy, I wish I would have found a bit of this early in the summer!! It's nice!!

I also got some pattern tracing stuff (I prefer the unlined, but they were out) and some gripper stuff for pajama feet for little people.

Then, I went to Thomas Sewing Center, in Mesquite, and picked up these gems for the Christmas outfits!! The three babies have Christmas pics around Dec 3rd. I also plan a trip to Greenville for Santa pics, as the line is much shorter and I get super-duper pics!! I hope I remember to share last year's: it's a riot!!

I order some fabric to make a friend's dress, and the woman at Uberstitch on etsy(and it's a short "e" sound on etsy, not EAT-see, FYI) was just AWESOME!! She answered all of my silly and numerous questions on a Sunday morning with such promptness, it was like an IM chat!! I love her. She heard the desperation in my virtual voice and packaged up my fabric right then to be shipped out first thing Monday.

When my fabric arrived on Wednesday, it was wrapped so adorably in a tissue paper pattern and tied with this strip of fabric I impatiently untied before I realized I should take a picture. Oops!

She had these totally clever tags made out of recycled stuff. Like this one, from a map or atlas.

And this one, I don't know what it's made of, maybe a brochure or magazine.

And finally, the fabric. Alice Kennedy's Apple Line, for Timeless Treasures. These trees are so beautiful and made a wonderful dress, which I will post later, perhaps modeled by the beautiful owner!!

Th, th, th, that's all, folks! For now, anyway.

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