A New Beginning!!! and a berry good breakfast....

Good morning!!

I'm back at the blog. Since I joined Facebook it's seemed so redundant to upload the pics there, then on my moms' board, then on my sewing board AND here!!! But, I don't get to say as much at any of those places. Problem is, I don't have TIME to say much. It takes two or three minutes to update my status on FB, but I've got at least a 30 minute commitment on here. So....how to make this work? I don't know. We'll just see how it goes.

Monday was supposed to be William's first day of Mother's Day Out, which is basically a playschool run by the local church. Many of the churches around here have them. William will be going every Monday, and maybe in the fall he'll go two days per week.

Anyway.... On Sunday evening, William seemed to feel a bit lethargic, was a bit whiney and felt a little warm, but not alarmingly. Monday morning he woke up and got in bed with me as Doug was leaving for the airport. By 7 am he was lying on the floor asking for something cold to drink. He had a 102/103 fever on and off through out the day.

Maybe next Monday he can go!
The bad thing about the boys being sick is that I can't do any of the things I usually do, even if they are feeling a bit better. The nursery at the gym has a "no fever for 24 hours" rule (of course) so I miss my work out those days. bleck.

Today, I fixed my "diet" breakfast according to sparkpeople.com, and the boys ate my 1 c. of sliced strawberries while I fixed my coffee. :) They had both already eaten oatmeal, but those berries were TOO tempting!

Aldous' sticky butt from dropping berries in his highchair!! HURRAY!!! new clothes by 10am!!

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