What I've Been Up To

Ok, that's not quite true. I've made a couple of things. I've been preoccupied with getting ready for the new baby, who is due in about 5 weeks or so. In addition to trying to prepare for that, I've been stocking my etsy store (and filling orders...YAY!!!!), doing a ton of alterations, making special order items for a couple of people, including MIL, participating in a monthly sewing swap AND a Project Runway Contest on my moms' board! Here are some of the things I've been working on, and please check out my etsy store! I also canned some peaches and more tomatoes, and went to a gazillion playdates.

I made this little outfit for Helen, which is what we call the fetus, as we don't yet know the sex. My friend Kat had cleaned out her craft closet and as usual I am the recipient of the delightful fruit of her efforts! The fabric to make this outfit was in a bag of scraps, which I threw together into a pretty little set for a newborn. If I have a boy all the girl stuff will be available for sale. I think I'm gonna make some little booties to go with this. From the scraps left from the scraps.

I made this cute bunny for my MIL, from the Wee Wonderfuls pattern. I had made the kids bunnies similar to these for Easter a year and half ago, and lo and behold, I actually still had a bit of the dress fabric left to make one for MIL!!!

I also made this top for myself! It was super easy and it's not a maternity pattern. I like the way the print on fabric camouflages how absolutely huge I am!! The neck is beaded, but it doesn't show up in the pic. I usually fix my hair for pics, too, but not THIS day! :)

These are some fun grocery totes I made for my monthly sewing swap. I also made a matching zippered pouch and included a set of felt donuts and some smelly-good lotion from bath and body works.

For my moms' board's Project Runway competition, I made this halter top out of a 80's maternity jacket. It was really hideous: it had padded shoulders and tied in the back. In addition to being old and ridiculous, it was also coming unhemmed and the buttons were falling off. It was QUITE the disaster! But, since it wasn't my size (why did I own this, you may wonder....) there was plenty of fabric for me to totally remake it.

That's not all I've done, but I've been making stuff to stock my store, so if you check it, you'll see a lot of my recent work there, as well.

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