Next on the New-Baby-To-DO List: GOWNS *DONE*

Finally, I feel like I've accomplished something as far as getting ready for the new baby! I made 11 baby gowns! I had 14 with William, and at first I thought that was excessive, but we whipped through three or four per day, so I didn't think 11 was too many.

The first group is made from a pattern in Kwik Sew's Sewing for Babies book. It's a modification of their sleeper pattern per their instructions, but I'm not that excited about it and probably won't use it again. Nonetheless, I had cut out five, so I completed them all, anyway.
There is a brown with recycled shirt trim, cars and trucks with orange trim, skulls with black trim and skull buttons (this one is getting a hat and booties, too), turquoise with orange trim, and sea life with red trim.

Next are the gowns I made from a McCall's pattern, and I've used it several times before for tees and gowns I've made for sale and for gifts. It's a any easy one that I modified to use knit trim or fold-over-elastic rather than hem the neck and sleeve edges. I LOVE how contrast trim looks.
I have a circus print with orange trim, lavender with yellow trim, sleepy Popeye with red trim,
maroon with navy trim, orange daisies with lavender trim and a rust with blue trim.

Now I only need to sew a few medium and large diapers, some wool pants and shorts, a few tee shirts, two or three kimono outfits and I'm good to go! This was the biggest part of my sewing to-do list, so I'm glad to be able to mark it off.

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