Moving Woes

We've moved into Doug's townhouse, which is really a construction zone!!!
These pics were taken the day before the moving truck came. It's looking better by far, but still needs a lot of work before we can really be settled.

This is our living room.

And here is our galley kitchen. It's MUCH neater now: Doug has put safety latches on all the cabinets so I was able to move everything back into their homes.

Here's our dining room. It has a table and chairs, now!

My laundry "room".

This is another view of the living room. That cabinet is actually the place for the TV and that "artwork" is freaking ugly. Apologies to you if you are the person who gifted it to Doug.

The treacherous stairs. I've fallen down these TWICE already!!!

Upstairs hall between the "guest room/office/sewing room" and our bedroom. All of those openings on the left overlook the dining area.

Wall in the "guest room/office/sewing room" looking over the living area.

The largest area of the "guest room/office/sewing room". Scary!!!!

Our bedroom. COZY!!!!

Lots of work cut out for us in the next few months!! It looked even SCARIER once all the boxes and furniture from the house were moved in. This chaos is making me crazy!!!

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