You Old Sew-and-Sew!!

Today on my never-ending to-do list: Shopping, straightening my craft room and SEWING LONGIES for my store. I have, that I can see from here, 16 whole sweater from which I can make two pairs of longies each, and 12 partial sweaters from which I will make one pair of longies each.
So if I sew ALL of them today, I will have made 44 pairs of longies.

Unfortunately, I can't make 44 pairs of longies TODAY, but HERE'S MY GOAL:
I will make all 44 pairs of longies by the time the Stash Game on SewingMamas starts.
SewingMamas is a great sewing board that has a bunch of mamas who sew. Imagine that!
Whats cool about it is that there is an absolute treasure trove of information and tutorials on how to do nearly everything but bake a turkey with your sewing machine! And if they don't have a tutorial, you can just ASK someone to help you!!

What's BAD about this board, though, is that the mamas on there are constantly "de-stashing" and selling their fabric. OMG!!! It's a wonderland of fabric delights!!! A feast of fabrics!!!
And, sometimes, they are CHEAP, too!

So, in the Utopian Community that is SewingMamas they have a biannual came called the "Stash Game", the goal of which is to complete the most sewn projects within a month using ONLY fabric you already own!

(oh wow, babies shouldn't run with screwdrivers....DOUG!!! THE BABY HAS YOUR TOOLS!!!)

Excuse me. Anyway, you get points per yard and various other points are awarded for use of notions, scraps, etc. BUT no points for using thrift store stuff, like fluffy soft wool sweaters.

I intend to play this game, so I'm going to get all my longie-making done quickly, so I don't have to waste any valuable time during the Stash Game to make them. I also have a NB baby outfit partially constructed on my sewing table that I must finish before then, too. I really have NO chance of winning: some of the women on SewingMamas have thousands of yards of fabric and I have a mere 200 or something embarrassingly low like that (j/k, I don't even have 100 I bet!)
BUT I am excited about challenging myself to make so many things in one month. I'm anxious to see what I can do when I actually have a time constraint and a goal! :)

So, that's what I'm up to today. Among other mundanity, like mopping and folding diapers.

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