Sundays Kick My Butt

Whew, Sundays wear me out! I am the "nursery director" (tee hee) at my church, and not only do I keep babies and toddlers while their parents are in church and Sunday School, I actually have a Sunday School lesson for them each week as well.

The nursery doesn't *open* until 9:30 so I usually get there 9:15ish to prepare for the day, make copies, gather supplies, hide the toys that make noise, etc. I DO get paid by the hour, so I ought not to complain, but there is ONE woman at the church who, if she sees that I am there, sends her grandkids in. She doesn't leave them with me, she sends them in. What that means is that if I am NOT prepared for the day when they arrive, I'm trapped in the room with them, without my lesson!

If these were any other children, this wouldn't be an issue but these girls are quite "spirited", so I can't take them out of the room AT ALL or they run pell-mell through the church! So there I am, with these not-so-nice children, and no lesson. This has happened *I think* three Sundays in a row! ACCK!!

So finally, I decided to get to church SUPER early so I had time to prepare the lesson and mentally prepare myself for the day: Being locked in a room for 3+ hours with babies and toddlers is hard and time goes by rather slowly.

TODAY I was ready!!! I was waiting by the time Sunday School was supposed to start, and GUESS WHO DIDN'T COME TODAY??? Yep! The Busy Girls!!! I was both mad and relieved at the same time! Time went by more quickly than usual (my volunteer helper was one of my favs, too), and when I picked up my check from the last pay period, I found I had gotten a raise!! WOOT! Great day, but exhausting, nonetheless.

Next I get home and think about what I might make for dinner, and finish up everything I didn't get done yesterday. Today I didn't bother, I just read and sat around and stared into space, watched TV and had McDonald's for dinner.

Jalie Patterns.
The site wasn't working today for some reason, but last night I ordered FOUR patterns from here!
"What is so awesome about these patterns?", you might ask yourself....
I may answer "EVERYTHING"!!!
They have regular every day necessities and the patterns HAVE every size in ONE PATTERN!!!
So I bought a hoodie pattern, a cross-over top pattern, an empire waist top pattern and male undies pattern. All of these patterns have sizes from 2T to Gigantor in the same pattern, making them MUCH more economical than most patterns. And with so many sizes in one pattern, you can do custom sizing!
Like many quality patterns, these require that you trace them on good quality pattern material (I use pattern-ease or something like that) that *looks* like cheap sew-in interfacing.
I am so excited about these and I can't wait until they come in.
I will make sure to post more details later....

The World of Politics
Ron Paul.
I'm not a fan. I'm not a libertarian. I'm the OPPOSITE of anarchist......I LOVE rules, I WANT big government, and to pay taxes, and I want government to do all the things for my country's people that they cannot do for themselves. That's my utopia, unrealistic though it may be. :)

Now about this Ron Paul. I can't figure this out....WHAT does a libertarian candidate have to gain by being racist or having racist affiliations? Most libertarians I know of are pissed off at the government and feel that it hasn't done for them what it should and are unhappy that it makes so many rules that keep them from being their best. Now, HOW does that help the political minorities or those living on the fringe, if their "leader" is a racist? Who would be left to vote for this guy if he makes ALL of THOSE people angry?

It's an enigma, it really is....

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