Has it been MORE than a week?

Wow! Time flies, and I haven't even had THAT much fun!
I've been selling some excess fabric on Sewing Mamas to get money for a snap press! It's been going well except I have a couple of flakers who haven't paid yet. I'm gonna have to lay the SMACK DOWN on those Mamas!
I still have some fabric left and I've put here in case anyone's interested: it's really good cotton knit jersey. I use it for making baby clothes and shirts, and it's heavier than regular tee shirt material. VERY nice!

I have available still:
Periwinkle 2 yd
Burgundy 3 yd
Turquoise 3 yd
Olive 4 yd
Tan 3 yd

Price is $3 yd, $1 handling, plus shipping.

Today Kat's coming over and we're gonna trace patterns. We are both on Sewing Mamas and are participating in the Stash Game and don't want to waste any sewing time during the game to trace patterns, so we're doing it today. She's coming with her big box of patterns and I've got mine and my Kwik Sew and Ottobre books, so we're ready. The only bad thing is that the newest Ottobre hasn't come NOR has my order from Jalie. :(

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