Sewing: Uniform Pants!

So exciting! My youngest is going to preschool now, and needs to wear a uniform, like his brother! And, he needed to be potty-trained, too, and two weeks ago he wasn't! So, we did that very quickly and the two days he's been at school he's been accident-free. We didn't expect for him to have to be potty trained so soon but there wasn't room in his age-group class, so he was moved up to the next age group. They all know how to spell their names in there!! Aldous doesn't even know what letter his name starts with, ha ha!

I also had to whip up a nap-map, too. No good pics of that, but I'll share what I have.

The pants are made of the poly/cotton twill from Fabric.com, and the Pattern is FishSticks Inside and Out Pocket Pants.

I'm worried that the waist is a little too tight for him to easily pull up and down by himself, but we'll see. If it is, I'll just put new elastic.

Pockets with buttons!!

and, the nap mat! robot flannel on both sides, with a green fleece attached blanket, and red closure straps with a buckle (whatever those plastic snap buckles are called)

It's about 48 inches long. I bought 1 1/2yds of 1" thick foam, and cut about 6" off the length, and used the available width. It turned out great, and went together easily. I put snaps all along one side so I could take the foam out when I wash it.

I might make him a back-pack but right now I'm sending my adult-sized one with several changes of clothes. Once I feel more confident that no accidents will happen, I'll consider making a smaller one.

Here he is on his first day! In khaki cords because I hadn't made his pants yet.

That's all for now, but I've got a big fluffy prom dress in my sewing room to alter and some REALLY pretty Riley Blake fabric for spring shirts for the boys. Stay tuned!

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