Sewing: Pajama Eaters!!

I downloaded Sew Fearless' Pajama Eater pattern before Christmas but didn't have time to make any.The boys really needed pajama bags tho, esp since they can't fold them...they just sort of wad them up on the end of their bed.

I did finally whip some up the other day, tho, of stuff from my scrap bin, tho, last week! and, I **love them**. so does Aldous. He absolutely adores this thing and carries it around and snuggles it while he sleeps.

I added hair, eyelashes, and claws.

With mouth open.

In order to make these from scraps, rather than yardage, I devised a plan. First, I listed out each piece dimensions on scraps of paper.

Then I matched up each piece with the fabric, and pinned the note to it. I cut them out, keeping the note pinned to the appropriate piece the whole time. there are a lot of rectangles, so that was pretty important.

I cut out my eyes with pinking shears.

I added claws on the hands and feet and to do that, I cut out one extra row of teeth.
 To cut the teeth out quickly (since i had extra to do), cut all the angles the same direction first


then go back and cut the second angle. It's much faster to repeat the same motion over and over, than to change your hand and fabric for each individual tooth.

I also added eyelashes and hair. I drew on pattern and used the same one for all three. The lashes on the right are totally reverse of the ones on the left...upside down AND backward. I didn't use wonder-under, I use glue stick to hold everything together. I also glue it into place on the fabric, then sew it down.

for the claws, cut three teeth for the hands. pin them between the hand pieces with the pieces right sides together. You'll have to curve the felt around a bit, since it's a straight line.

Pin together and sew!

turn right side out.

For the feet, I did only two teeth per foot.

And the finished blue one. This one is for William.

Ready for some PJs!

The back.

Thanks, Sew Fearless, for a great pattern! The boys love these, as toys, and they love putting away and getting out their own pjs morning and night!


Michelle said...

I love how cute and scrappy yours are! Sadly, I have to confess that I HATED making these. Hand-sewing the bottom closed made me feel very stabby.

Jacki said...

I liked making them but I did my hand sewing behind the "hair". I made my opening pretty small, barely big enough for a smooshed leg to get thru.

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