I'm cheating on you...

with my other blog!!

ha ha, this image is called Running Grandma.

I'm limiting this one to crafts, and sewing, and the occasional conventional recipe (baked goods, canning, etc) and all of my daily menus and exercise are over on my new tumblr blog. I don't share a whole heck of a lot of recipes, but if you want to follow my daily menu and exercise routines, check it out!

My Fitness 2012 (catchy name, huh? ha ha)

See ya over there!

this pic is really me...


Amber said...

How do I follow your fitness blog?

Jacki said...

You have to sign up with tumblr to follow my blog. :) I know, another thing to sign up with...ha ha! that's how I feel, too. And, in order to leave comments on it, you have to sign up with Disqus. I have to admit I don't find tumblr all that friendly to blog readers.


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