A little bit of sewing...

Nothing exciting, just some stuff in my pile that needed to be done. and, one of the items isn't sewing at all.

this thing is just hideous. My husband wears a small but was IN LOVE with this thermal plaid thing he got as a hand me down from his friend who wears a large. yeah. when he wore it (entirely too often) he looked like he was wearing a plaid thermal nightgown. So cute! Even tho I considered making a matching nightcap, I didn't. Instead I took this shirt apart, cut it down to a size small and sewed it back together.(very fast and easy w/ the serger...I left the collar and cuffs on)  So, now it fits perfectly. But, it's still ugly.

I used to be fat a couple months ago..ok, maybe a year ago. Anyway, I had this fantastic velour track suit in some gigantic size I don't wear now. The jacket is still too big, but I cut off the waist band of the pants, and cut them apart at the crotch. I used a smaller size pattern to cut them the appropriate size and resewed them. Super fast, and now they fit. Viola!

and then I stenciled this Ganesha onto the front of Aldous' shirt. I made this shirt 2 or 3 years ago for William but was sick of it, so I fixed it up a little. Aldous likes it.

I'm ready to get back to some serious sewing! I'm considering the stash game on Sewing Mamas, but I don't have as much time to sew as I used to. Maybe I'll try it anyway! The first thing I want to make is a yoga mat bag.  I've made one for my sister in law, but I've been working out 5 days per week and need one for myself!

Have a great week!

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