Sewing: Yoga Mat Bag!

Finally! I've been doing yoga forever, taught yoga for a while, never had a yoga mat bag or more than one pair of yoga pants at a time. Now, I have two pairs of yoga pants, and a bag for my mat! FANCY!!

I used this pattern, McCall's 4261. I've had this a while and have used the pants pattern to make pj pants for gifts, and I made a yoga mat bag for my sister in law several years ago from it.

I got this indoor outdoor canvas at JoAnn on clearance.

A velcro closure on the pocket.

drawstring top

My fav feature is this gigantic pocket. It's big enough for a half liter of water, plus my wallet, phone and keys. it's like a purse for the gym.

I used a length of webbing for the strap but I think I would have preferred a self-fabric strap. It went together super quickly, the canvas was easy to sew and there are only three pattern pieces. I'm pretty happy with it and can't wait to use it.


La Maison Boheme said...

Fantastic! I love the flamingos!

Ena said...

OH Girl! You are so talented. I am not that much. So, I bought yoga mats for sale. They are so good in quality and can be used as a backpack or to sling over in your shoulder. The slings are lightweight, adjust easily and comfortable. Each bag comes with an outer cargo pocket to keep keys, phone and a wallet. With various design and colors.


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